Tiritiri Matangi Bird Call Memory Game

Learn the sound of New Zealand native birds, and test your memory! Click a call to hear a bird call, see if you can guess correctly the image

Requires full desktop PC or macOS as Flash does not run on mobiles, you may need to "Click to activate Flash" (help)

Made in 2009 by Paradigm Design Associates for an interactive touch screen kioask at Tititiri Matangi Bird Centre in New Zealand.

Special thanks to: Design, layout and bird illustrations: Clint Slogrove (Paradigm) Background illustration: Chris Gaskin Photography: Simon Fordham Production/Software: Tom Atkinson (Funk Publishing) Hardware: Kevin Kingston (Vision Technology Solutions) Support: Cathy Catto (SoTM), Liz Maire (DOC), and Maria Galbraith